Motorized BlindsHunter Douglas Shades in everwood alternative wood

Motorized blinds can offer you helpful capabilities throughout your home. Keep reading below to see what our top 5 benefits are.




You can adjust your shades from a handheld remote, your smartphone, tablet or even your voice. Let’s say you’re not sure if you left the blinds open in the bedrooms. Nobody wants a stifling hot room to sleep in. Now with a quick tap from your smartphone you can close all your shades right from the office.




Motorized Blinds by Hunter Douglas in Sonnet on two windows in children's bedroom


With no cords or wands hanging you get a much cleaner look. As well, it adds safety for the whole family including your fur babies. You will have total control over how every window looks.




Utilize your shades to help manage your homes energy use. You can schedule all your shades to open and close around your families schedule. Enjoy the natural light your windows provide without having to constantly adjust the thermostat.




What if you go out of town? Your shades can be programmed to go up and down as if someone was home. This random setting will create the illusion that your home is occupied. In turn, leaving you with peace of mind.




Motorized Blinds by Hunter Douglas powered by Control4 table top touchscreen in white showing home screen icons for easy to use home automation


Motorized blinds are a great addition with our Control4 Home Automation Systems. By doing this your shades will work in unison with your home’s lighting, security and entertainment.


Now you just opened the door to a whole new world of fun.


If you’re thinking about adding motorized blinds to your Edmonton home, the professionals at Automated Living Solutions can help.


We have years of experience and an interactive showroom right here in Edmonton, AB. With Hunter Douglas and Control4 products all accessible for you to get hands on.


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