What Does the Future of Home Automation Look Like?

Everything in life is becoming “smart”.  Smart cars, smart appliances, smart homes, etc. Technology is improving in ways that allow for people to truly make their lives easier and more efficient. The future of home automation is just the next step in changing the ways we do things, and how often as well.

Future of Home Automation in Security

Think about it this way, if you upgrade your home with a security system, you would most likely want to be able to see what is going on while you are away.  Isn’t that the most important time? Or when the children get home from school (regardless of their ages), you want to ensure their safety. What about the children (or adults for that matter) who consistently lose keys?  There’s something for that as well.

Security systems can be integrated to allow for “digital keys” that will unlock the door via an app on your phone. Then no more spare key under the mat needed. It’s safer, as long as the information is encrypted and kept safe, having a lock on your phone/passcode will at least help with that. You can also remotely unlock doors, turn on lights, arm and disarm the security system, etc. Plus even when you are home and there is an unexpected knock on the door you can see them before they can see you.  This can make your home infinitely safer.

The Future of Home Automation Can Sense Your Presence

Sounds like a trailer for a horror movie but it most certainly isn’t. Smoke Detectors are becoming smarter by knowing what kind of fire it is, and if you are connected with carbon monoxide, that too. This is essential in every home, and many don’t have carbon monoxide detectors, but it’s a silent killer, monitoring for it is of the utmost importance honestly.

There are also showers that tell you how much water to use so that you can save it, and the planet at the same time. HVAC systems that are equipped and dispense air freshener when the house smells.  Sprinklers outside will shut off when it starts to rain. All saving energy and money for you. You can even have thermostats and light bulbs that remember your setting and times that you like to change the temperature or turn lights off and do it for you automatically. Do you always turn the heat up when you get home or turn it down when you leave, why not let the system do it for you (Nest offers a fantastic system).

In general, everything is getting smarter, technology is becoming more available and more cost efficient.  The thought of spending so much on a smartphone years ago was unheard of, but now, it’s almost essential to have one. Everything, your homes, cars etc. is going to be automated soon, think self-driving cars and how far we have come with that. If you want to upgrade your home, make it easier for you, review some of the options out there and then give a professional a call to see what you need to make your home smart.

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