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Are you in the midst of planning your home renovation or new home build?


Here are a few tips to consider for your home’s technology now and in the future.


Just like any home it needs the right foundations to make it strong and stable.

Your smart home needs the right infrastructure in place to work effectively and reliably. That’s where the importance of pre-wiring comes in.

Simply put, pre-wiring is what makes your smart home technology work behind the scenes. Most importantly, during the rough in stage of your home renovation or new home build, this is the time to take full advantage of pre-wiring for all your connected devices. Every wire is discreetly hidden behind the walls and out of sight. Giving you all the conveniences of music, movies, internet, TV, lighting control, motorized blinds, thermostats, security and more through out your home. You are then left with no wires to try and hide behind furniture.


Security & Surveillance

Control4 Security and Video Surveillance to iphone real-time by Automated Living Solutions in Edmonton Alberta

You want to ensure you have a reliable and robust security and surveillance system for your Edmonton home by having the infrastructure in place to support it’s hard work. With a solid network for your technology needs now and in the future. Allowing you to browse the internet quickly, and stream content without any interruptions. Above all, if you can minimize devices dependent on WIFI it’s always the way to go. Data overload can impact the speed and performance of your home’s network.



Audio & Video

Connected Smart Home with lighting, music, video, security, surveillance cameras, sensors, blinds, gates, garage doors, and appliances all controlled through a smart home operating system by Automated Living Solutions.

The best home entertainment experiences involve balanced quality sound from properly placed in wall and in ceiling speakers. Let’s not forget about your TV locations as well. So, if you have the opportunity during a renovation or new home build we always recommend pre-wiring. The finish is, an uncluttered and clean look. Leaving you with well planned awesome smart home entertainment your family will be high fiving you for. Nice work you!



Motorized Window CoveringsWoman opening her blinds with a remote

While some people suggest running your motorized window treatments off of batteries, if you have the opportunity to hard wire them, do it. We totally understand that there are situations where batteries work, but pre-wiring will be a much more cost-effective solution for your smart home. For instance, those windows that are hard to reach, if you have the option to eliminate having to get up there on a ladder to change the batteries you will thank yourself. Trust us!


Running cables inside your home does not have to be a complicated process. By getting specialists like Automated Living Solutions  involved from the beginning of your smart home design, you can be assured of a pleasant smart wiring experience, customized to your needs. Matching home technologies with good design.

With pre-wiring as part of the design process, you can get the value you’d expect from your technology – and make everything seamlessly work behind the scenes.



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