Elevate Your Home with the Sleek Halo Series Remotes at Automated Living Solutions

Automated Living Solutions is excited to bring you the future of smart home control with the Halo Touch and Halo Handheld Remotes by Control4. These are more than just remotes—they’re your smart home command center, crafted for those who love technology with a touch of class.

Halo Touch Handheld Remote – Your Smart Home, Elevated

The Halo Touch is a top-tier smart remote with a sleek design and a comfortable feel. Its aluminum body, in silver or black, is a sign of its quality. Controlling your home is as simple as tapping the backlit buttons or using the bright touch screen. With the Halo Touch, managing your home devices is easy and fun.

Halo Handheld Remote – Smart Control Made Simple

The Halo Handheld Remote simplifies your smart home. It’s a straightforward device that lets you manage your home with little effort, keeping technology easy and enjoyable.

Voice Control and Personal Touch

The Halo series stands out with its new Voice Button. Now you can use your voice to control your devices—just push the button and speak. Plus, with customizable buttons and a special Color Shortcut Button, you can make the remote your own and access features quickly.

Why Choose Automated Living Solutions?

Choosing Automated Living Solutions means you get more than just a product. You get a smart home experience designed to enhance your lifestyle with ease and sophistication. Our Halo series remotes are waiting to make every interaction with your home as personalized as you like.

Visit Automated Living Solutions in Edmonton to discover how the Halo series remotes can make your home smarter and your life simpler.


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