Good company , very approachable from first visit comparing to other 2 in Edmonton installing the same systems, timely and very professional quote , those guys show how much it will cost right from the beginning, they gave me tips how I can save some money ,They have big brains and they use them , they ask a lot of questions to make sure you are on the same page with them , they have ideas how make your life more comfortable through their system .

They did not complain when I was adding things during the process of building the system , we change and add many things to the system like Apple Tv , Netflix , Chromecast (wich is going as a Jet Plane streaming high def videos to 4 tvs at the same time ! No hiccups ! ) I am pretty sure that I also gave them hard time with my vision of fully automated house , but they did it and I have learned a lot from those guys at same time ….

They work good with other trades , clean installation ….Over all , awesome guys and work that they do.