Good company , very approachable from first visit comparing to other 2 in Edmonton installing the same systems, timely and very professional quote , those guys show how much it will cost right from the beginning, they gave me tips how I can save some money ,They have big brains and they use them , they ask a lot of questions to make sure you are on the same page with them , they have ideas how make your life more comfortable through their system .

They did not complain when I was adding things during the process of building the system , we change and add many things to the system like Apple Tv , Netflix , Chromecast (wich is going as a Jet Plane streaming high def videos to 4 tvs at the same time ! No hiccups ! ) I am pretty sure that I also gave them hard time with my vision of fully automated house , but they did it and I have learned a lot from those guys at same time ….

They work good with other trades , clean installation ….Over all , awesome guys and work that they do.

They gave me tips how I can save some money- Loczek O.

I had hired Mario and Bryce of Automated solutions. They have been very professional in installing the equipments and prompt to repair if anything needs fixing. Great guys to work with. Highly recommended.

Great guys to work with- mchadha11

We hired Mario & Bryce to do the audio, video and security on our house and shop. They are wonderful to deal with. They were recommended to us and we recommend them to a family member and I would recommend them to you.

They are wonderful to deal with- Vicky B.

Having previously worked in the family owned security company my expectations are very high. I’m happy to say Automated Living Solutions was exactly what I was looking for in a company.

We wanted everything hardwired in our new house and the builders vendors were less than impressive to say the least. Mario and Bryce worked with us right through the building process, which happened to take longer than expected because of the builders trades. As the homeowner we got lectured about having outside trades on the job site yet it was our contractors like Mario and Bryce that provided the highest quality and on time delivery of any one working on our house.

The entire process from our first meeting on the project proposal to after installation has been professional and well communicated. Cost of our system was in keeping with our original quote considering the various add on we did at different points in the project.

Their honesty gave us such a high level of comfort that we even requested that they add motorized blinds to our system. These were originally being handled by our interior designer but integrating it with our automated system was an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Mario and Bryce proved 2 guys can do blinds and did a superb job not only working with our designer but also providing personal and professional feedback on the blind selection process.

We’re excited to play with all the new tech toys in our new home and look forward to the next opportunity we have to get them back for upgrades and add-ons..

Provided the highest quality and on time delivery of anyone working on our house- Scott

We work with Mario and team with all our dental projects. Very honest, trustworthy, and fantastic to work with. We highly recommend him.

Very pleased. Would definitely recommend- Thinh L.

Customer service is above and beyond! No matter what your inquiry is, big or small, the guys at Automated Living Solutions are fantastic to deal with.I highly recommend them!

Just wonderful- Heather N.

I hired them and could not be more happy. They did a great job and were easy to work with when I wanted something done differently. They clearly knew what they were doing. I was so satisfied that I’ll be using them regularly now. Highly recommended!

Outstanding service!- Michael W.